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Grant Recipient Media Kit

Congratulations on receiving a grant from the Golisano Foundation!

Now it's time to share the good news with your key audiences and stakeholders including your local media, your board members, employees, donors, and those you support.

On this page you will find some helpful information to help you communicate your grant news and how to acknowledge the Golisano Foundation. We are happy to review anything that you put together if you have any questions.

Communication Tactics

Grant Announcement News Release

Communicating to local media can help you publicize your good work and how this grant will help you achieve your goals such as expanding, better serving your constituents, building something new, or launching a new program.

  • See this sample template that you can customize for your news.
  • Please notify us as to when you are sending it out.
  • Please send us a copy or link to your release for our files.
  • Please also send us any photos of your project.

Internal / External Publications
Be sure to share the news in your print and digital newsletters and annual reports.

Social Media Announcements
Please tag the Golisano Foundation in your posts:

  • Facebook: @GolisanoFoundation
  • Twitter: @GolisanoFdn
  • Instagram: @GolisanoFdn
  • YouTube: @GolisanoFoundation

Press Events
If you are planning a press conference to announce a project that the Golisano Foundation has helped support:

  • Please contact Erica Dayton for names from the Foundation to include on your invitation list.
  • You may also request that someone from the Foundation be a part of the program and speak.
  • Please include the Foundation in your news release, media advisories and on any on-site signage as appropriate.

If this is a major event, such as a groundbreaking or ribbon-cutting, we are happy to be involved in the planning process. Foundation leadership may also be available for media interviews. Please contact us in advance to arrange.

Crediting the Foundation in Ongoing Communication
When you are referencing the project funded on your website and in ongoing communication such as project updates, please credit the Foundation and provide a link to our website where appropriate.

Community Events
Please credit the Foundation at any public gatherings related to your grant in remarks and in signage.

This is a standard, general concise description of an organization that should be included at the end of every news release and can also be used on your website and other places where you need to quickly communicate who you are with the essential elements. It is important that this language be updated regularly to be current and accurate.

For your Golisano Foundation grant press announcement please include our boilerplate:

The Golisano Foundation is one of the largest private foundations in the U.S. dedicated to making the world a better place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Foundation is devoted to opening doors to opportunity, changing negative perceptions and stereotypes, and forging unprecedented partnerships to ensure individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have pathways to personal dignity, independence, and the best possible expression of their abilities and talents throughout their lifetimes. Founded in 1985 by Tom Golisano—entrepreneur, philanthropist, civic leader, and founder of Paychex, Inc. —the Foundation “imagines the possibilities,” advocating for families, fighting for their dignity, and giving people with IDD the opportunity to thrive in their communities. With more than $60 million in gross assets, it awards about $3 million annually to non-profit organizations in Western New York and Southwest Florida.

Golisano Foundation Logo Usage Guidelines
You are welcome to use the Golisano Foundation logo in your social posts, on your website and publications, event signage, and other communication. You can download the files below. Please adhere to these guidelines:

  • The Golisano Foundation logo cannot be altered in any way, including distortions, outlines, tilts, colorization, transparencies, or other special effects.
  • A clear space around the logo of at least 1.5X the size of the capital ‘G’ is required on all sides.

Logo Downloads

Click on file format link to open and download.

Blue with tagline EPS (RGB) | JPG (CMYK) | JPG (RGB) | PNG (RGB) | PDF


Black with tagline JPG


Blue reverse tagline JPG (CMYK)


Black reverse tagline JPG


Additional Resources and Media Contacts
Dalmath Associates: 585-586-6650
Jean Dalmath: 585-755-6911
Amanda Antinore: 585-729-7533

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