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September 23, 2019 Newsletter - Golisano Autism Ctr Opens, Tom Golisano Gives $7.5 Million to Roberts Wesley an, Abb Costello Visits Healthy Community in Kenya, Move to Include Expanding, Grant News

June 12, 2019 Newsletter - Golisano Institute Partners with Waterford Institute of Technology, AADMD, Move to Include Award, Grant News

Apr 10, 2019 Newsletter - AADMD Conference and Oral Health Pre-Conference

Mar 26, 2019 Newsletter - Special Olympics Health Awards, AADMD Conference

Mar 11, 2019 Newsletter - Golisano Health Leadership Awards to Be Presented in Abu Dhabi Mar 13

Mar 6, 2019 Newsletter - Spread the Word Inclusion

Feb 5, 2019 Newsletter - Join Us to Spread the Word Inclusion


Dec 7, 2018 Newsletter -- Rochester Pediatric Dentist Dr. Abrahim Caroci to Receive Special Olympics 2018 Golisano Health Leadership Award for New York State

Oct 31, 2018 Newsletter -- New Golisano Institute at St. John Fisher College Will Transform the Health Care and Support of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Aug 30, 2018 Newsletter - Special Olympics NY Walk for Inclusion

Jun 16, 2018 Newsletter - Netflix: stop the offensive and hurtful speech and remove the offensive content

Mar 12, 2018 Newsletter - Golisano Foundation is Expanding Geographic Target Area to Include all of NYS OPWDD Region 1

Feb 26, 2018 Newsletter - Help Us Spread the Word to End the R-Word!



Sep 21, 2017 Newsletter - Join Us for a Screening of On Beauty