Funding Interests

The Foundation focuses on the following areas in its grantmaking:

  • Supports throughout the life span and transitions for individuals with IDD and their families and caregivers including but not limited to the following areas: Educational support at various stages of development as well as life-long learning opportunities; employment services including supported, career development, vocational and life skills training; year-round preventative health services, fitness activities, physical and emotional wellness; expanded residential options for community living; caregiver respite; recreation; transportation, assistive technology, community awareness and advocacy.
  • Community-wide strategies that can grow best practices and effective programs to transformative scale; are easy to replicate and share broadly with the field.
  • Interdisciplinary and interagency alliances/collaborations/coalitions that bring together the expertise and perspectives of various disciplines including non-traditional human services provides such as businesses, higher education institutions and government.
  • Initiatives that target individuals with IDD who are underserved, isolated and/or have difficulty accessing services and programs; work to eliminate structural, economic or cultural barriers to services.
  • Person-directed services and planning with individuals and families involved in the selection, implementation and monitoring of one’s supports and services.
  • Holds the principles of social justice in highest regard as demonstrated by agency’s mission, work and proposal; believes people with disabilities are powerful agents of change and that society as a whole benefits when all individuals reach their full potential and become contributing members of their community.
  • Applications for programs, capital projects and community planning initiatives related to the field of developmental disabilities will be given consideration.

We Value

  • Dignity - People with IDD are treated with dignity and respect. 
  • Community Inclusion – People with IDD are active and contributing members of their communities. 
  • Self-Directed Services and Supports – Individuals are able to shape their own lives with a supportive care team; have choices, flexible options and access to services in inclusive settings in the community.
  • Proactive, High Engagement Philanthropy – Working with a broad array of community partners to increase options for community inclusion and improve the service system by connecting stakeholders, sparking innovative ideas and demonstrating a better way. 
  • High Performance –Funded projects hold significant promise for the moving the impact needle in a meaningful and measurable way; agencies demonstrate sound fiscal and management practices.
  • Advocacy – Gives voice to self-advocates; provides public awareness and education about talents and contributions of people with disabiltiies; promotes relevant policy and system-level solutions.