A household pet can bring joy to a family, and in some cases, they make a family.

Year in Review

October 2019 through October 2020

Mission: Bailey and Friends is dedicated to supporting animal welfare in Western NY, Region 1 and SW Florida, Region 9. With a focus on dogs and cats, Bailey and Friends is committed to working with shelters, rescue groups, veterinary clinics and other lifesaving programs to promote wellness, ensure safety and keep pets and families together. 

At the heart of Bailey and Friends, we strive to make a positive difference in the care of dogs and cats because we recognize and cherish the bond that exists between animals and humans in personal, occupational, and therapeutic capacities.

Scope of the Field - New York and Florida
In 2019, there were 7.45 million households in NY. 27% of households in NY own a dog and 21.1% own a cat. Currently, there are 4.57 million pet dogs and 3.40 million pet cats living in NY.
In 2019, there were 7.91 million households in FL. 39.8% of households own a dog and 24.2% own a cat.  Currently, there are 4.85 million pet dogs and 3.61 million pet cats living in FL.

Bailey and Friends Field Response 2019-2020



Bailey and Friends Grant Request and Award Averages:

  • Average Percentage of Program Cost Requested – 56%
  • Average Percentage of Grant Request Funded by Bailey and Friends – 76%
  • Average Standard Grant Amount Awarded: $4,650 w/o Freedom Guide Dogs (average Standard Grant range based on the website is $5,000-$10,000)
  • Average Covid-19 Response Grant Amount Awarded: $3,166 (average Covid-19 Response Grant range based on the website is $1,000- $5,000)

Giving Region 1 Counties: Niagara, Orleans, Monroe (8), Wayne, Erie, Genesee (2), Wyoming (1), Livingston, Ontario(1), Yates (1), Seneca (1), Chautauqua, Cattaraugus (1), Allegany (1), Steuben, Schuyler, & Chemung.

  • 8 out of 17 counties received a grant (see the number of grants awarded per county in parenthesis above).

 Giving Region 9 Counties: Manatee, Hardee, Sarasota, Desoto, Charlotte, Glades, Lee (2), Hendry, & Collier (3).

  • 2 out of 9 counties received a grant (see the number of grants awarded per county in parenthesis above).

Chart Highlights:

  • Routine Medical / Veterinary Care – Onsite dental equipment for shelter & community animal dental care.
  • Foster / Adoption Program – Construction of two Catios to alleviate overcrowded quarters, designate a safe adoption space during Covid-19, and decrease stress of shelter cats awaiting adoption.
  • Spay / Neuter - 79 cats and dogs were spayed / neutered with Bailey and Friends funding.


“In the animal welfare field, you see the best of humanity and you see the worst of it.” – Marcia Hudson, Wyoming County SPCA, Covid-19 Response Grant Award Recipient, 2020.

Listening and Learning in the Field

Site Visits Completed
Ontario County Humane Society, Ontario ARC, Bad Dog Boutique, UR - Pets Peace of Mind, Rochester Animal Services – Verona Street Animal Society, Pet Pride of NY, and Lollypop Farm.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Naples Therapeutic Riding Center, Humane Society Naples, Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs, and The Collier County Community Foundation.

Social Media
Facebook - 30 posts, 228 people like, 235 followers

Instagram - 19 posts, 80 followers 

“It’s been a tough year financially with many sick cats and kittens having to be treated medically. This grant helps me immensely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the little hearts out there that will benefit.” – Janine Wagner, Janine The Bean Rescue, Inc., Standard Grant Award Recipient, 2020.

Gaps and Opportunity in the Field
Proposed strategic grantmaking plan for 2020-2021 includes the exploration of potential “matching / challenge” grant awards that encourage community involvement and collective impact in the following focus areas.