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Grant Application Guide


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What We Fund

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When people say it can’t be done, Tom Golisano will not only find a way, he will find a better way.  He is a problem-solver.  He is decisive, admires efficiency and directness, and engenders a sense of urgency, or a call to action to get down to work.  He is thoughtful and thought provoking and is quick to get to the essence of often complex issues.  Tom’s perseverance and unwillingness to live with status quo has driven him – and his foundation – to get to the bottom of issues and identify solutions.

More than 30 years ago - the vision of one man - and his commitment to a cause very close to his heart - made something extraordinary possible.   When Tom Golisano established the Golisano Foundation in 1985, few could have imagined how the Foundation’s work would grow and how it would touch the hearts and lives of so many.  We will keep working to ensure that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are valued as people who can contribute and be a vital part of our community - as good students, good neighbors and good workers.

With this in mind, the Foundation has adopted the following guiding principles and focus areas in its

Geographical Target Area – Rochester, NY and Finger Lakes Region of NYS

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The Golisano Foundation accepts applications from non-profit agencies serving those with IDD in the Rochester/Monroe County area of NYS; and the greater Finger Lakes Region (contiguous counties to Monroe).

Note: Grant applications from agencies in western NY and southwest Florida that serve people with IDD may be accepted.  Please call Foundation office for further information.

Eligibility / Limitations

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The requesting organization must be a 501(c)(3) organization whose programs meet the Golisano Foundation philanthropic priorities.  The Golisano Foundation does not contribute to endowments, fund raising events, individuals requesting grants, medical research or municipal programs.

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Grant application deadlines for each quarter are as follows:

1st Quarter: December, 2016
2nd Quarter: March 21st, 2017
3rd Quarter: June 20th, 2017
4th Quarter: September 19th, 2017

Please call or e-mail Evalyn Gleason with any questions:

To Apply Online Click Here

Application Form (Download PDF)

Guide to Applying (Download PDF)

Budget Form (Download PDF)

The instructions below are intended to help the applicant address pertinent information for successful proposal submission and to frame the application in such a manner that it highlights areas of importance to the Golisano Foundation.

I. Cover Letter

In one page or less, the cover letter should address the following as appropriate:

II. Proposal Narrative

 1 – Program/Project Summary

2 – Target Population

3 – Intended Outcomes

4 – Service Delivery Strategy

5 – Collaboration

 6 – Please indicate if/how the program/project will address the following:

7 – Use of Grant  

8 – Representative Success Story 

III. Theory of Change/ Program Logic Model

In this section, please create a theory of change model (logic model) of the submitted proposal using any format that best presents and portrays the following elements.  Note: each of the following elements MUST be provided; attach as separate chart or form.

IV. Program/Project Budget Form

Please fill out the separate Program / Project Budget Form. For multi-year requests, please customize form by adding columns for each program year.  For capital project requests, follow instructions under Section C of Budget Form. 

V. Other Required Materials to Complete Application Submission:

August 16, 2017