A household pet can bring joy to a family, and in some cases, they make a family.

Bailey's Champs

Grants 2022

Grants Awarded October 2022

Humane Society of Yates County
$10,000 to support spay and neuter services as well as surgical materials and supplies for the shelter’s in-house veterinary clinic.

SPCA Serving Erie County
$8,000 towards the OASIS (Owned Animal Subsidy and Intervention Service) Program which provides necessary veterinary care for pets whose owners face financial and accessibility barriers.

ROC The Dogs Rescue
$5,000 to be used towards veterinary costs for spay / neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and emergency surgeries as well as to purchase supplies for foster families.

Wyoming County SPCA
$7,400 to be used towards the installation of new lighting fixtures for the cat and dog shelter areas.

Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA
$5,700 to be used towards the purchase of an autoclave, ultrasonic cleaner, and additional surgical equipment necessary to grow the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) Program.

Humane Society Naples
$6,000 to be used towards the Operation Rescue Program which provides free emergency pet boarding for pet owners facing financial hardship, hospitalization, displacement, and or impacts from natural disasters.

Meals of Hope
$6,000 to purchase dog and cat food for distribution to food insecure families and pet-serving agencies in Collier and Lee Counties.

Cape Coral Animal Shelter
$12,000 towards the purchase of kennels, surgical instruments, and medications and vaccinations that expired due to Hurricane Ian.

Grants Awarded July 2022

Ferals and Kittens and Cats Oh My
$4,000 to be used towards facets of the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program for community kittens and cats living in the underserved, inner city areas of Rochester, NY.
Friends of Verona Street Animal Shelter
$9,000 to be used for wellness clinic services distributing vaccinations and identification tags for households with accessibility and affordability barriers in the underserved neighborhoods of Rochester, NY.
Florida Coastal Cocker Rescue
$9,000 to be used towards the vetting and wellness care required of rescued Cocker Spaniels and other small dog breeds in preparation for adoption.
Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest, Florida
$5,000 to be used towards the Sugar Face Initiative program which provides on-going medical services, therapies, and medications for senior dogs making them as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Grants Awarded April 2022

Rochester Hope for Pets
$2,500 to be used towards the cost-share program, Spay it Forward, that provides financial assistance to reduce the overall cost of owned cat and dog spay/neuter surgeries through the Rochester Community Animal Clinic.

Mr. Grey’s Strays, Inc.
$4,000 to purchase a custom, CDE Animal Cage that will provide safe and secure temporary housing for kittens, cats, pregnant cats and their litters, while they receive medical care and prepare for adoption.

Keller’s Kats Rescue, Inc.
$3,000 to be used towards the general and specialized medical care for the unexpected intake of kittens and cats rescued from a local house fire.

SNIP Collier, Inc.
$12,000 to be used towards spay/neuter surgeries within the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program for kittens and cats in Southwest, FL.

QT Kittens, Inc.
$2,500 to purchase medical equipment, diagnostic tests, and vaccines to care for pregnant cats, kittens, and special needs cats in Southwest, FL.

Grants Awarded January 2022

Pet Pride of NY
$20,000 to outfit the in-house surgical suite with the necessary equipment to provide spay/neuter services and medical care to kittens and cats. The suite will include a surgery, preparation, and recovery room.

Janine The Bean Rescue, Inc. 
$3,000 for the TNVR Program (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return) to support the costs of spay and neuter procedures, vaccines, supplies, and food for the general care of feral cat colonies in the Northeast Area of the City of Rochester.