COVID-19 Response Grants

April 24, 2020

Based on input received from many of our current grant recipients, we’re aware of the implications this crisis is having on your organization, services and staff - both short and long-term. The Golisano Foundation is committed to assisting during this difficult time and will try to be as flexible as possible as we navigate this uncharted territory together.  We appreciate and admire your commitment, dedication and creativity as you continue to help those in need.

With this situation in mind, our regular grant cycles for April and July, 2020 are being postponed. That means we are not taking applications for typical grant requests for the next two quarterly application cycles. Grant funds that would normally be awarded and sent out during this period of time (approx. $2M) will be redirected to urgent organizational needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please note, as of this writing, we’re in a wait and see mode for the final grant application cycle, normally scheduled for October, 2020, until we see the course of the COVID-19 virus in our region.



Geographic Target Area

The Golisano Foundation's geographic target area includes all of NYS Developmental Disabilities Regional Offices (DDRO) Region 1 (combined Western NY and Finger Lakes Regions) (see map), and Southwest Florida in Region 9 (see map).

New York state 5 developmental disabilities regional Offices Map

Southwest Florida in Region 9

Florida county Map