October 18, 2023

WXXI and Golisano Foundation Honored for Move to Include™ by Starbridge

WXXI and Golisano Foundation Honored for Move to Include™ by Starbridge

WXXI President and CEO Norm Silverstein and Golisano Foundation Executive Director Erica Dayton

Starbridge honored WXXI and the Golisano Foundation’s Move to Include™ initiative as a “Community Champion” at its Cause for Celebration fundraising event.

Move to Include™ is a multimedia initiative founded in 2014 by WXXI and the Golisano Foundation. Through WXXI’s power of public media, the initiative ensures that a diverse set of voices is heard on the air, online, and in digital and community spaces. The Foundation has provided more than $2.1 million in funding to date for Move to Include™.

Starbridge’s Community Champion Awards honor individuals and organizations creating positive change in the lives of people with disabilities in the Finger Lakes region. These annual awards are presented to those who embody Starbridge’s values of advocacy, inclusion, innovation, and respect. Champions show leadership and courage in making a difference in their communities. Together in partnership, Community Champions work to transform communities to include everyone – all abilities, races, ethnicities, gender identities, national origin, and other identity groups.

Nikisha Ridgeway, President & CEO of Starbridge said, “We express our deepest gratitude to our exceptional Community Champions. Your unwavering dedication towards advocating for inclusivity and driving positive transformation in our community has been truly remarkable. Starbridge is privileged to recognize and commemorate your invaluable contributions. We sincerely appreciate your selfless service and commitment to making a difference. Thank you for your outstanding work!”

Erica Dayton, MSL, Executive Director of the Golisano Foundation, said, “It is an honor to receive recognition for the outstanding work accomplished through the Move to Include™ initiative in collaboration with WXXI. Our long-standing partnership with WXXI has been invaluable in fulfilling our mission to make the world a better place for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and this award serves as validation for the credibility and significance of Move to Include.”

Starbridge serves over 11,500 families annually and partners with individuals who have disabilities and their families to achieve success in education, employment, and transitional services. Starbridge is a New York State Parent Training and Information Center (PTIC), serving all of New York State except the 5 boroughs of New York City and Long Island.

About Starbridge

Starbridge is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization serving 11,500 individuals across the Finger Lakes region. Its mission is to partner with people who have disabilities, their families, and others who support them, to achieve success in education, employment, and healthy living. With a vision that every person leads a fulfilling life, we work together to transform communities to include everyone. Visit for more information.

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